Desperate House Husbands of Downton Vancouver (aka, Vintage Fox Hunt Mens' Wear Shoot)

 This was my first official editorial fashion shoot. 

      Alisa Tetreault, owner of Most Everything Vintage, gave the the awesome opportunity to do a shoot for her Fall Mens' Wear.

  I shot all of these with ambient light, no flash, at 8:00 in the morning, at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. 

  My community is in Downtown Vancouver, Washington. A small, tight knit network of people in this town, who happen to have a love for all things beautiful.  It's because of this that we as a community can come together for a group effort to create inspired images like these:


I'll admit gathering male models was challenging. There are plenty of women who like to model, but to find the right grouping of men (or any at all for that matter) willing to be dressed in knickerbachers and newsie hats could have been easier. 

In the end, as it turned out, it was the promise made they would get to play with antique guns that got them there. 



The final lineup consisted of three guys I have coffee with in the mornings, my friend's husband, and my boyfriend.    The beautiful pink haired lady is Solanah from Vixen Vintage, and the fox you spot is a friend from long ago, infamous for her red hair. 

Between takes everyone was able to have fun, the environment was happy and relaxed and very pleasant.   A perk of working with friends.



Lessons Learned:  Flash can be your friend. After this shoot I purchased two off camera speed flashes and diffusers.  Hopefully this will save me a lot of pain in post editing.  I also learned that it's ok to take your time. This shoot was rapid.  I was so worried about not entertaining the people who came to participate.  We fed them and they got along fine, but I had it in my mind that this was an event where I needed to host. That was not the case. This was a photoshoot, and they were doing a job. I think once I recognize that, I can focus on the images more.